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Session  & Membership Pricing


60 Minute Personal Training Session - $50.00 ea - Pack of 10 - $500 total


One-on-one instruction and training at StrengthShop Gym. You bring the goals, I show the path, you learn the fundamentals that will last a lifetime. Training is teaching. My clients learn both the HOW and the WHY. Nothing says commitment like locking in 10 visits to the StrengthShop… and commitment MUST be rewarded with 75 bucks in savings off singles pricing!


30 Day Open Gym Access - $50.00

Open Gym Access is available to training clients only, meaning that you can choose to pay a small additional fee and use StrengthShop at your convenience! Consider this a membership to a well equipped strength training gym that has less than 40 members!  Gym hours are 6am-8pm weekdays, 8am-4pm Saturdays, and 8am-noon Sundays.



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