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25 Years of Fitness Programming

Experience yields expertise. 

Four years of exercise science at USC Columbia. Fifteen years of successful competitive bodybuilding. Three decades of obsession with the science of human performance.   

We implement tried and true programming, built around the blue chip basics: Squat.  Deadlift.  Bench.  Overhead.  Carry.

We lean heavily on Westside programming/conjugate system.  We train strongman.  We embrace the research-backed teachings of Dr. Stuart Mcgill. 

We create real world strength by relying on the proven training protocols that have safely built strength and athleticism over and over for decades.

Finding My Strength 

Mastering the ability to program for others must start with finding the passion to train yourself.  

I grew up the chubby kid in class.  At 14, a love for the game lead me to joining the Hillcrest football program.  Instead of finding my pathway to NFL glory I discovered an even greater love for the iron game.  Strength training and the science of nutrition changed me, as it can you.

My teens, twenties, and early 30s saw this formerly obese kid stand on dozens of state level bodybuilding stages, taking home mostly 1st place trophies, including winning Teen Mr. South Carolina and becoming multiple time SC State Middleweight Champion. 

Three decades later I've immersed myself in bodybuilding, strongman, powerlifting and more.  But more importantly I've learned the importance of mastering the basics, building a strong foundation and avoiding setbacks.  I've learned many lessons the hard way.  I can be your cheat sheet to achieving whatever it is that drives you.  All you have to do is step into the arena.  Talent not needed.  Hard work required.

Finding YOUR strength

Life requires strength.  

Regardless of our varied personal goals, we all require many of the same baseline capabilities to excel for a lifetime.

- A "core of iron" to protect your spine and provide the foundation for all movement

- An above average ability to lift a load from the floor, to carry a load for distance, to squat pain free, and to lift a load overhead.  

- The physical endurance to stay strong long enough to complete whatever task life sends our way

Show me a man or woman capable of all of the above and I'll show you someone living life fully and independently regardless of age, sex, size, or athletic goals.  Don't settle for less.

Programming Experience
  • Body composition improvement through training and nutrition

  • Injury rehab and prevention 

  • Pain management through movement

  • Westside/conjugate system programming

  • Sport - specific programming for football, baseball, basketball, tennis, golf, wrestling, runners and more 

  • Senior fitness

  • Fit pregnancy / Postpartum programming 

  • Strongman training 

  • Bodybuilding training 

  • Mastering exercise form

  • Worked with cients from 11 to 78 years old!

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