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Welcome to StrengthShop Gym.  Here experience, science, and passion combine to create a sustainable pathway to lifelong strength and wellness. Expect the best.  

Currently booking FREE CONSULTATIONS! 

 a judgment   free zone 

No purple machines.  No sitting around texting or scrolling.  When you've had enough of stalled progress and lukewarm motivation you are ready for StrengthShop Gym. Your programming, your nutrition, your health, and your goals will ALL be judged. Only through constant evaluation can we constantly improve.

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Learn why StrengthShop gym is much more than what you've come to expect in todays watered-down fitness environment.

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Plans, packages, pricing.  You know you.  Find the right fit to get you where you should be and can be.

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Real equipment for putting in real work.  Train where goal accomplishment is the only focus.

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