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Life demands Strength.  Developing physical strength means moving better, eliminating chronic pain, working more productively, and playing harder.

Inside the walls of Strengthshop Gym we build strength safely and effectively by mastering technique, and then combining technique and drive to lift heavy things. 

Find YOUR strength at Strengthshop Gym.

Currently booking FREE CONSULTATIONS! 

 a judgment   free zone 

Chain gyms popping up on every corner have made hard work a violation.  Hundreds of members waste 10 bucks a month casually spinning their wheels.  We offer more and expect more.  You will learn.  You will work.  And you will make constant injury-free progress towards the stronger leaner version of you that you came through our door in search of.

25 years of programming experience.

4 year degree in exercise science.

Real.  Functional.  Strength.

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Learn why StrengthShop gym is much more than what you've come to expect in todays watered-down fitness environment.

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Plans, packages, pricing.  You know you.  Find the right fit to get you where you should be and can be.

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Real equipment for putting in real work.  Train where goal accomplishment is the only focus.

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